LR Air Force Base drills deployment readiness


JACKSONVILLE, Ark. – For three weeks these camps on base are manned 24/7 as if the troops were deployed. 

Everything from preparing C-130 to be sent overseas to manning remote village, even treating injuries, all tasks are performed and graded to see if our local troops are ready for the reality of war. 

“Everything around us…keeps it feeling like I’m not actually at home at Little Rock Airforce Base,” says Master Sergeant Sean Gray. “Each time that we do some mission it builds there confidence.”

To boots on the ground, practice makes perfect. 

“It’s great for these guys to grow their confidence here versus trying to figure that out when they go deploy,” says MSgt. Sean Gray.

This is a look inside what Little Rock Airforce Base calls a deployment exercise.

Airmen like MSgt. Sean Gray are tasked with readying their group for the reality of being sent to war. 

“So the scenarios build for us and build and it keeps it more elaborate,” says Gray. 

The base has this, an extensive set up called Camp Warlawd. 

“As the home of combat airlift all the more reason for us to be prepared in order to get that combat airlift off the ground,” says Lt. Col. Michael Stefanovic. 

Everything from medical huts to a village with actors in place, this is a round the clock operation. 

“It is three weeks long and during that time it is no weekends off and its long days but it is really rewarding,” says Lt. Col. Michael Stefanovic. 

In the end, the base is graded no matter what the grade participants say it’s about being as ready as possible to defend their country and do it to the best of their ability. 

“It just showcases that we can do this job and we can do it very well.”

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