HAVANA, Ark, — A World War Two veteran is celebrating his 94th birthday on June 5th, and he’s asking for a birthday gift from everyone around the state.

When you look at Oscar Wyatt, you see a face lined with experience and wisdom.

“I’ve seen lots of things I’d like to see again. I’ve seen a lot of things I don’t want to see again,” Wyatt said.

At 93 years young, oh the stories he can tell. Most of those go back to the 1940s during his time serving in World War II.

“It was a job that had to be done,” Wyatt said.

In 1944, Wyatt enlisted in the United States Navy. Just a few months later, he set sail on the USS Presley.

“It was 35 foot across 150 feet long and there was 215 men on there,” Wyatt said.

His crew’s mission was to escort other ships across the South Pacific.

“60 ships, that’s the biggest convoy we escorted,” Wyatt said.

They also helped get supplies to those on the front lines.

“If you got to run to do it, you run to do it. Just get them there,” Wyatt said.

He spent two years at sea and has his fair share of horror stories.

“Oh yeah we was under attack several times but it wouldn’t be more than five or six ships or five or six airplanes,” Wyatt said.

Even through the rough waters, Wyatt says there was always something to smile about.

“They nicknamed me hedgehog those dirty rascals,” Wyatt said.

In 1946, his ship finally docked for the last time.

“8:30 in the morning we got the message over the radio that Japan had surrendered. You talk about some hollering and yelling,” Wyatt said.

While Wyatt only spent two years in the service, decades later those memories still sail through his mind.

“Oh if I had to do it again I’d do it again you know,” Wyatt said.

You can send the birthday cards to P.O. box 256 in Havana, Arkansas, 72842