June is National Employee Wellness Month. Whitney Gorsegner, who is the Wellness Program Manager for the engineering firm Garver, joined Mitch McCoy today to talk about how you can continue emphasizing employee wellness throughout the year.

Taking care of employees’ health is very important to the well-being of your people and the growth of your company. June is a time to celebrate employees and to offer resources that create healthy cultures and improve employee well-being that encompasses many aspects, including physical, emotional, social, and financial well-being. But this doesn’t have to stop after June ends. For Garver, we have a Wellness program that has continued to evolve with our company’s growth. We encourage employees to maintain a healthy balance across the many priorities that make up their lives and we give them the resources they need to find that balance.
For companies looking to promote healthy lifestyles among employees, there are things they can put in place to encourage that relationship with their health.

  1. Make wellness readily available
    • This includes anything that could make participating in physical wellness easier.
    • Provide access to free on-site exercise facilities, bike parking, lockers, showers, and gym fee reimbursement.
    • In Garver’s experience, this keeps health care claims lower than the national average, allowing us to offer quality care to employees and their families.
  2. Provide health screenings and other programs
    • Health consultations, personal training and nutrition assessments, and on-site biometric screenings encourage employees to take the time to engage in these programs for their well-being.
    • This will save them time and they’ll be more likely to participate in these programs if they don’t have to go somewhere else for them.
    • Overall, this will reduce long-term health risks and promotes a culture of well-being in all aspects of employees’ lives.
  3. Provide health education
    • Garver has a Wellness Portal with all types of health information. From healthy recipes to easy exercises to extensive workouts, having this information readily available for employees means they are more likely to include those wellness activities in their daily life.