Little Rock, ARK. – A central Arkansas woman tried to end her life at the young age of twenty. Thanks to Narcan, she lives another day and shares her story of hope. 

Heather Gray tells us in a world that’s dark, a bright light shines at the end of the tunnel. 

But for Gray, her light was dim. 

“I decided this was it, I’ll tell my family goodbye” Gray said. 

On October 20th of 2020 – she decided to end her life, she said. 

“I decided to take several handfuls of medication”, she said. 

Her mother says she came home and found Gray unresponsive, with no pulse. She says narcan brought her back, but she still wasn’t breathing. 

Gray tells us she was unaware – but her family told her she was flown to Baptist Health in Little Rock by helicopter. 

“I spent four days on the ventilator” she said. 

Her sister, Tiffany Hunt, said she can still hear the phone call.  

“She was never the person; she was the last person you’d ever expect” Hunt said. 

But mental health advocate, Susie Reece, said they are not all one and the same. 

“I think that it’s really important to recognize how people present, how they look on the outside is not always a reflection of what’s going on internally” Reece said. 

Gray is now fully recovered she said. She said she received the help she needed and has watched her hope and inspiration for a better tomorrow come back. 

“There is a light at the ends of the tunnel, it gets better” Gray said.