Woman says she was attacked and assaulted outside Little Rock Zoo parking lot


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-“It was surreal. I wouldn’t have expected that to happen not in broad daylight at 10 o’clock in the morning at the Little Rock Zoo,” Golden said.

What started out as a normal field trip to the Little Rock Zoo, quickly turned into a nightmare for one mom.

She says 53-year-old Curtis Coleman broke into her car and then attacked her.

He was arrested by Little Rock Police and faces a number of charges.

Kendra Golden says she came face to face with Coleman as he was going through her car.

She jumped into action and stopped him before he ran towards War Memorial Stadium.

Now’s she trying to get back to her normal life after injuries to her hand and fingers.

“If I accidentally hit something it will make me cry,” Golden said.

Kendra Golden says she’s still in pain.

“I can’t even open bottles right now,” Golden said.

She says it all started after a chaotic field trip to the Little Rock Zoo Friday.

“It was my son’s very first time to ever go to the zoo,” Golden said.

Golden says she forgot something in her car and ran back to the parking lot.

“I kind of stopped when I noticed my passenger door was open and my trunk,” Golden said.

She says she saw Curtis Coleman going through her stuff.

“He threw his hands up in the air and said I didn’t take nothing,” Golden said.

Golden said she screamed for help and Coleman started to run towards War Memorial Stadium.

Golden says she grabbed Coleman’s shirt.

“I didn’t even feel him bit me,” Golden said.

She says adrenaline kicked in and she fought back.

“He was about 6 foot tall. He’s twice my size at the only thing that I came out with was a broken finger and a bite on my finger,” Golden said.

Little Rock Police arrived and Coleman was taken to jail.

“When they did arrest him had a string of over 30 plus keys on him for different vehicles that he would use to jiggle locks,” Coleman said.

Golden took to Facebook live and shared the madness.

“I had a lot of people say I’m brave, I’m a hero,” Golden said.

Scarred from the experience Golden says she won’t be visiting the zoo anytime soon.

“It’s supposed to be a safe haven and it turned into a living day time nightmare,” Golden said.

KARK reached out to the Little Rock Zoo and War Memorial Stadium but we have not heard back.

Golden says she’s now left with more than a thousand dollars in medicine, blood work and doctor visits from Gurdon to Little Rock.

She says she plans to hire an attorney to figure out what her next step is in this case.

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