LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Kyanna Bogan says she and her husband ducked and ran from gunshots inside Power Ultra Lounge over the weekend.  The pair managed to make it outside safely, but as they were trying to get away, Kyanna’s leg was run over by a car.   

She says before the gunfire started she noticed a group of people arguing inside the club.

“I said they arguing now, but arguing is going to turn into fighting, and fighting might turn into something serious, ” Bogan says she told her husband seconds before shots rang out.

It quickly turned into chaos.  Bogan says the shooter was just swinging the gun and everyone was trying to dodge the fire.

“We fell down the stairs, people were getting stepped on.  We seen wallets, phones, people asking for help,” Bogan recalls.

They got outside but her leg was run over by a car backing up in all the madness, still all she can think is “what if it was worse.”

“The person next to me got shot,” says Bogan.  “I was like what if I was an inch over?  Would I have got shot?”

She has a three year old daughter and rarely goes out to clubs anymore.  Bogan says that’s a good thing because times are changing.

“Before you could go out to a party and have fun.  Now, you got to be worried about if you go out to this party are you going to make it home at night?”