LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Central Arkansas plumbers are having their phones ring off the hook with people in need to fix their pipes due to the temperature plunge Thursday night, as one woman from Benton says how forgetting to do a simple task made her pipes freeze. 

It’s advised by experts that people have a pencil lead stream of water running from their faucets when in cold temperatures. 

Stephanie Diamond says when she woke up Friday morning it was to a surprise when she heard her pipes. 

“Came down the stairs and I heard a very weird sound coming from the little water heater room.” Diamond goes on to say, “it sounds like frozen pipes.”

Diamond says after she heard the noise, she remembered her mistake which she normally never makes. 

“I set myself a reminder in my phone to drip my faucets and then I opened my cabinet doors and completely forgot to drip my faucets,” Diamond said. 

Diamond says she called her plumber hoping the problem could be fixed quickly. 

“He said unfortunately there is nothing they can do for frozen pipes but to thaw it out, he did tell me to open up the cabinet doors,” Diamond said. 

Charles Blagburn with B&D Plumbing in Greenbrier suggests the same for others experiencing frozen pipes. Blagburn isn’t Diamond’s plumber but says it’s a good idea to let your pipes thaw out. 

“Open those cabinet doors, especially on exterior walls, let air get into those areas from your house and give it some heat source,” Blagburn said. 

Blagburn says since Thursday night’s dip in weather more calls have been pouring in. 

“We travel to Little Rock to Russellville all the way to Conway to and upwards into Clinton,” Blagburn said. Blagburn says the problem they’re seeing are identical ones with customers. 

“We’re seeing a lot of water lines frozen on their exterior walls,” Blagburn said. 

Blagburn says because of the demand they made a pit stop to pick up more supplies. 

“As customers need us you know it could be in the night. I just wanted to have ample supply on the trucks,” Blagburn said. 

Diamond says the upside is her mom lives close by so she can get what she needs there while she waits for her pipes to go back to normal. 

“I had to go over there to brush my teeth, use the restroom, and feed my dogs water,” Blagburn said. 

Blagburn also says if you have a heater or heat source around, put that near it your frozen pipes so it will help the unfreeze but if you think something else is wrong do not hesitate to call a plumber for help.