MAUMELLE, Ark. – “It makes me feel good that it’s fixed. Even if it only saves five people’s tires, it’s fixed,” Sara Martin said.

A central Arkansas woman is taking matters in her own hands by fixing a pothole on a busy street in Maumelle.

Savannah Drive surrounds restaurants and businesses, but drivers say the potholes are a big headache.

The road is privately owned and the City of Maumelle says they’re not required to maintain or fix it.

Sara Martin says she got tired of seeing people complain about the potholes on the street.

She went to a hardware store, bought some gravel, and with the help of a friend, they fixed it.

Driving down Savannah Drive in Maumelle, you may dodge a pothole or two.

“It’s full of potholes,” Martin said.

But it’s one pothole in particular drivers say you can’t miss.

“It’s claimed about 10 tires so far,” Martin said.

Martin said it all started on Facebook Monday morning.

“120 comments about just this pothole,” Martin said.

Complaint after complaint.

“Claiming all these tires. We don’t know who is responsible for the street,” Martin said.

Martin says she decided to be a part of the solution.

“I went to Lowes and brought some gravel and here we are,” Martin said.

She says the pothole was deep.

“It took six bags and there are rocks at the bottom,” Martin said.

“It was $26 roughly, and not even 30 minutes to dump the gravel in, anybody could do it,” Martin said.

Martin took to Facebook and posted a selfie.

“We were getting thumbs up and Thank You’s,” Martin said.

Martin says she’s no hero but hopes the streets developer can also be apart of the solution.

“What happened, how did it get this bad,” Martin said.

Martin only fixed one pothole on Monday.

But she says if people are willing to help, she has no problem filling more on the street.

We reached out to the streets developer, but haven’t heard back.