Woman asks for help locating bracelet lost at Morgan Wallen concert in Little Rock

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January 01 2022 12:00 am

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KARK) — A White Hall woman went to last week’s Morgan Wallen concert in North Little Rock for good music and fun with friends. She ended up losing a bracelet that belonged to her late mother.

“The bracelet itself, the meaning of it is what’s important to me,” said Katy Vanlandingham, who lost the bracelet. “As soon as we got to our seat, I happened to look down and my bracelet was missing.”

The silver bracelet has the initials S-R-V on the clasp, and Vanlandingham said she had it on prior to the concert when she took pictures with her friends. She said it has special meaning.

“My mom passed away about six months ago unexpectedly, and it was hers,” Vanlandingham said. “She was really proud of it, and I got it when she passed away.”

Vanlandingham posted about it on Facebook, and the community stepped in to help. Nearly 700 people shared the post in only a day.

“It’s gotten way more [shares] than I expected,” Vanlandingham said. “I hope it keeps growing because maybe it’ll get to the right person.”

Jana DeGeorge, Simmons Bank Arena’s Marketing Director, provided a statement regarding the incident.

“I contacted Katy yesterday when I saw her message to us on the arena’s FB Messenger.

I got her seat location and called our housekeeping department who was working yesterday cleaning up after our show on Saturday night.  Everyone has been looking for it, even today.

During an event, guests who find items and want to turn them in can at our guest services location on the concourse at the main entrance. During the night, they get numerous random items (Drivers Licenses, earrings, wallets, iPhones, jackets etc. and they will log it onto a Lost and Found form.  At the end of the night, they bring the items and the list down to our receptionist desk where our receptionist stores the items until someone claims them.  If it is anything that has the person’s name on it, he will try to find them on social media etc. and reach out to them.  Just this morning he has reached out to several people who lost their wallets and made them very, very happy.  They are on their way to claim them now.

After the show is over and housekeeping starts cleaning the building, they do the same thing.  They log the item and bring everything down to our receptionist desk.

People who have lost anything in our building can call our main number at 501-340-5660 and speak with our receptionist.”

Vanlandingham is holding out hope that the bracelet will be found.

“Maybe someone picked it up, saw it, or just didn’t know what to do with it,” Vanlandingham said.

Vanlandingham said she hopes the bracelet’s found. Unlike most jewelry, this piece is irreplaceable.

“It’s really important,” Vanlandingham said. “I’d love to get it back.”

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