WHITE HALL, Ark. – The big kickoff to deer season is here, the annual Youth Hunt. 

Youth Hunt will be held Saturday November 5, and Sunday November 6. Children from ages six to fifteen can get out in the woods with an adult (over 21) mentor and hunt for the biggest buck they can find. 

“Youth Hunt is kinda the big kickoff to trifle season so it’s when we let the kids get out there and get things going,” Assistant Manager of Hunter’s Refuge, Chandler Ferrell, said.

Hunter’s Refuge in White Hall said they are getting kids geared up for the weekend and have plenty of gear to do so. 

Bobby and Amy Kimbrell have four children that will be hunting this weekend. They said they have been waiting for weeks. “We’ll be there in the stands, pouring rain or not, we’ll be there,” the Kimbrell’s said. 

“No kid should miss out on hunting with dad.” Ferrell said, “That’s what’s so special about it. These kids getting to go with their dad and it’s a super memorable time for them.” 

For all adult hunters, do not fear – modern gun season is almost here. The kids can have it this weekend, opening day of the season is Friday November 11.