WHITE HALL, Ark – A White Hall School District parent says she’s concerned after she says her children’s bus driver acted irresponsibly behind the wheel.

Lesley Oden says her elementary school-aged son recorded a video of the driver while on the bus last week. In it, she says the driver is believed to be vaping while students ride in the back.

“I am not happy, I am not happy at all,” said Oden. “It makes me so mad it’s not even funny.”

Oden says her son started recording the bus driver after he noticed an unfamiliar object in the driver’s hand.

“I saw smoke coming out of his mouth,” said Oden’s son.

“That is not ok at all. Kids could be allergic and [on another note] you’re just showing these kids it’s ok,” said Oden.

Oden says the driver was acting irresponsibly.

She says she took her concerns to the school principal shortly after watching the video.

“He goes, ‘Oh no I talked to the person over the busses, it’s a COPD medication’ [and I’m thinking] that’s not a COPD medication,” said Oden.

Our station reached out to the White Hall School District Superintendent. Doug Dorris agreed to do a phone interview with us and in it, he noted he was unaware of the situation until Monday.

Dorris says once he became aware, “actions were taken.” He says he could not comment on what exactly those actions were.

“That’s a personnel issue and you can’t talk about personnel issues,” said Dorris.

Oden says now her concern is the unknown.

“Does that mean you just switch bus drivers? Do you put him on another bus?” said Oden.

Oden says these are questions she wants answered and says she believes parents have the right to know.

Superintendent Dorris says the district takes matters like these seriously and encourages parents to reach out with concerns.

According to District Policy, the use of tobacco in any form while on campus or district transportation is prohibited.

Dorris could not comment or verify if the bus driver was indeed holding a vape.