WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ark. – Independence Day celebrations are over, but if anyone who didn’t get the chance to use all their fireworks there’s a safe way to keep them for next year.

Chief William Hellard with the Farmington Fire Department said people can store a small amount of fireworks safely. However, he suggests it is safer to not keep them at all.

For those looking to store leftover fireworks, Hellard said it is best to keep them in a dry plastic tub in a cool place. He also mentioned that deciding to store them is a risk, especially if a fire breaks out in the home.

“We’ve had fires where people have had fireworks in their homes, and it makes it for a very exciting time for us as firefighters, so we prefer that you not store them in your home,” he said.

Those who didn’t participate in setting off fireworks this year should also be on the lookout. Hellard said everyone should be cautious of fireworks that have been left on the ground to avoid starting fires.