LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Plastic bottles, styrofoam cups, and even basketballs, all in the creek next to the Arkansas State Fairgrounds.  

Although the fair is one of the largest in the state it isn’t the key player in the problem for all this litter.  

“The state fair does a great job of cleaning up, but they can’t always get everything,” says Jonathan Young, field project manager for the Audubon Arkansas. “It’s a problem that stems from people just not being more careful.”  

Young, along with several other volunteers, plan to come out Saturday morning to clean up the littered creek next to fairgrounds. It’s something he says they have been doing for several years now.  

“We do this because it’s important,” explains Young. “If more people are made aware of this problem maybe we won’t have as much trash.”  

People from ‘Keep Arkansas Beautiful’ and ‘Audubon Arkansas’, plan to have nearly one-hundred volunteers out this weekend.  

Last year they reportedly had nearly 78 bags filled with trash and litter. This year they hope there will be less.  

The volunteers will meet at the state fairgrounds and will pick up litter from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. They ask for any volunteers to show up.  

“There is a lot to clean-up but its an important issue we can’t just ignore,” says Young. “The better we can keep it from coming out here in the first place the better we are all off in the end.” 

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