NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Election day is over, but have you ever wondered what happens to all the campaign signs you’ve driven past on the side of the road? 

Well, for many of those signs they end us just being trashed. 

However, Fastsigns, a sign manufacturing shop in North Little Rock, is trying to reuse and repurpose this once political signs into useful items. 

“Several of these signs just end up in the trash and we are trying to prevent that,” says Brittany Nichols, general manager at Fastsigns. “It’s about being creative.” 

From birdhouses to boxes the sign-making company posted to social media clever ideas for folks to turn their once lawn decor into a new storage compartment. 

“The plastic signs are very easy to cut and bend,” explains Nichols. “The more people know what to do with the signs the better.” 

For those folks without the creative hand, Nichols suggests people bring their old campaign signs to her store. 

“Please bring them, we are more than happy to accept them,” says Nichols. 

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