LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Food, food, and more delicious food.  

The 79th State Fair kicks off this Thursday with rides, games, and of course food. 

The Media Day food preview showed that the fair has more healthy options for folks wanting to watch their calorie intake and even took home an award. 

“This year some really cool new food that you’re going to love that isn’t fried or covered in chocolate,” says Kat Robinson, Tie Dye Travels website owner and celebrated Arkansas food expert.  “You don’t have to eat deep fried or chocolate covered food at the fair – you can eat good healthy choices.”  

From the traditional corn on the cob roasted over an open fire to the chicken & beef skewers, there is something for everyone.  

This year’s new favorite is the chicken salad stuffed cucumber. t won the award at the food preview for “The Most Creative.” 

“It’s good, healthy, and fun,” adds Robinson. “The state fair tends to get hot – this light snack is both refreshing and tastes good.”  

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