LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Razorback fans are making predictions and preparing for the big day tomorrow where the Hogs will take on Alabama in Fayetteville, fans are shopping for their last-minute red items since the game will be ‘red out.’

For hog fans like Cathey Simpson the Razorback loss last weekend was tough to watch. 

“Last week was pretty disappointing but it’s a new Saturday,” said Simpson. 

Hogman Gameday Store Owner Steve Jenkins says he is seeing a bounce back attitude from a lot of his customers.

“I thought things would be a little down this week after last weekend’s loss but man the Razorback nation is pumped,” said Jenkins. 

Jenkins says they opened all of their stores early ahead of the big game day, and it was flooded with customers all Friday looking for something red like hog fan Bo Dottley. 

“Tomorrow’s red out so all Razorback fans wear red tomorrow, so I bought a Columbia Razorback shirt,” said Dottley. 

Jenkins says it will be a sea of red at the Razorback Stadium on Saturday since they will be facing off against Alabama. Dottley says he thinks the hogs could pull out the win. 

“I think it’s a good possibility that we will take the dub home tomorrow,” said Dottley. 

Dottley is already making predications of what the final scoreboard will look like. 

“I say Hogs 21 and Bama 14,” said Dottley. 

In the Simpson household guessing the outcome of the game is out of the question. As her husband’s brother is supporting Bama and her husband, Rusty is calling on the hogs. 

“They get quieter, they like each other and don’t want to have that kind of a rivalry,” said Simpson.  

Simpson and her husband are going to the big game in person and for them it’s a reunion on the campus. 

“Fayetteville is like returning to the womb,” said Simpson. 

Since their love for each other bloomed in the Razorback nation, as they both went to school there back in 1974. 

“He lived in the Fiji house, and I lived in the Zeta house and we had a great time,” said Simpson.  

Now years later they will be back on top of the hill together for the love of the hogs.   

“We will be there screaming and yelling and standing on our heads,” said Simpson.