LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Cirque Italia, Water Circus is back to touring the United States after a long break due to the pandemic, and this week the big top is in Little Rock.

“We are really taking the COVID precautions very seriously,” said Morgaine Rosenthal, Show manager/performer.

From the minute you pull up to the big top, you can see signs telling you where to stand and all the precautions being taken.

Those signs can be seen all the way through the tent to your seat.

“Each week I meet with the health department and we go over all the social distancing requirements,” said Rosenthal.

Morgaine Rosenthal the Show Manager and Performer said the Natural State is the first stop of their tour and they aren’t leaving anything to chance.

“We do require a mask to enter the tent and along with that our ushers throughout the course of the show every 15 minutes they are sanitizing the tent,” said Rosenthal.

The list doesn’t stop there, Rosenthal said all the staff members are wearing a mask and face shield, the performers only wear a mask when social distancing cant be followed, every other row is blocked off, six feet is left open between every group int he audience and they only fill the tent with 40 percent capacity.

Performer Elena Stefanova said even with all the precautions, it’s all worth it.

“Now we do what we love to do again and we are back for all of you guys,” said Elena Stefanova, Performer.

“We’re just glad that we can bring some joy and happiness and a little escape from all of the craziness happening right now,” said Rosenthal.

Rosenthal said none of the staff members have tested positive for COVID and even off the stage they are just as strict with their rules to make sure everyone is being safe so no one does get sick.

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