WARD, Ark – A pizza shop in Ward, Arkansas is closing up shop earlier than expected.

Owners at Bernard Pizza Co. say they received a notice from their landlord, asking them to vacate the property in 30 days.

“We got to scramble and get out of here,” said Bernard Pizza Co. owner Stephen Bernard.

Bernard says his family has rented the building for the last 26 years.

Bernard and his wife had dreams to expand the business and move to another location, but those plans weren’t supposed to happen for another year.

Bernard says he asked the landlord for an extension on the lease of their current building while they waited. The request was denied.

“We got a letter in the mail about a week and a half before it was over with to get out,” said Bernard.

“We instantly were just trying to figure out what we could do to keep our employees on,” said Bernard’s wife Alicia.

Just like a dinner rush, Alicia said she was going order to order, trying to find some way to keep the business afloat.

“We decided that we’re just going to put what we can into a food trailer just so we can have something that we can get them in there and hopefully it will work out,” said Alicia Bernard.

The two say support from the community keeps them turning up the heat.

“Those customers coming in and just supporting us and ordering while we’re here, it means the world,” said Alicia Bernard.

The two will have about a week left in the space they called home for 26 years but say the turn of events became a blessing in disguise.

“It’s exciting to get out and do our own thing,” said Alicia Bernard.

The Bernard’s will close shop on the 29th of this month. They hope to have their food truck up and running by the end of October.