LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The inaugural Corvettes and Veterans salute and ceremony took place Saturday afternoon at War Memorial Stadium.

The event was presented by the American Legion and the Arkansas State Corvette Association.

Corvettes and Veterans also coincides with the stadium’s 75th anniversary.

In addition to a parade through the parking lot, there was also a ceremony inside War Memorial Stadium honoring military veterans and their families.

Gregory Nichols, a veteran of Operation Desert Storm asked for continued support of the nation’s veterans.

“Well, it makes me feel proud to be not only an American but free as well,” Nichols said. “Not only that, to know that we have support for all our veterans, we just ask everybody to continue that support. We need it.”

Proceeds from the event will benefit the American Legion’s “Be the One” program, which encourages family members, veterans, service members and others to take action when they believe a veteran is at risk of suicide.

To learn more about Be the One, visit them online at