LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Skeletal remains, and other items, were found Saturday during a search for a missing Central Arkansas teenager.

Several volunteers combed the wooded area near Markham and Bowman in search of missing Ebby Steppach, 19.

Volunteer, Gary Lee, said climbing through the woods is not typically what he does these days.

“I’m retired and I would be at home doing something. I’m not sure,” said Lee.

Lee said he does not know Steppach, who was last seen by her family last October, but the father of two daughters showed up, feeling the need to help the teen’s family.

“I’ve been thinking about that the whole walk here. If this indeed is the circumstance, they sure need closure,” said Lee.

It is a peace of mind volunteer Stephen Wright is also looking t bring Steppach’s loved one’s.

“My heart goes out to the family,” said Wright. “I can only imagine what the family is going through. The anguish, the pain, the anxiety,  the grief.”

Wright, a police officer and active service member, used GPS tracking and a walkie-talkie app on his phone to track items he came across. Then, a big break coming for volunteers, on the side of a hill.

Searchers found several bones, along with a bag full of women’s clothes and handcuffs.

Little Rock police showed up a short time later and collected the items. Investigators said tests will reveal if anything belongs to Steppach

“We really don’t want to rule anything out, because our goal is to bring closure to the family or to help find Ebby,” said Wright.

“i hope that somehow, if nothing else, this area can be eliminated as needing additional areas searched through,” said Lee.

Investigators said it will take a few weeks before they have test results.

The head of the search team said they will start searching for Steppach again Sunday afternoon.