LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Law enforcement agencies are now seeking assistance from a nonprofit search crew to help solve missing person cases in Arkansas.

Adventures With Purpose made a major discovery in a 23-year-old missing person case out of Pope County earlier this week.

The plan for crews to come in and solve one case has quickly changed, now they’re working several cases in hopes of giving some families closure.

“In this scenario, local law enforcement has reached out and said ‘hey, we want to work with you guys, here’s some information on a case we have and today we’ve come together,” Douglas Bishop, a volunteer with Adventures With Purpose, said.

What started as a two-day effort to find a missing person in Little Rock has turned into a multi-day search to find answers for several more Arkansas families.

North Little Rock police have now asked Douglas Bishop and his crew at Adventures With Purpose to assist in some of the city’s missing person cases.

One of the cases involves two North Little Rock women who were last seen in 2014. They’ve been given special access to areas around Two Rivers Park to search.

“We’re able to go upstream to a different location,” Bishop said.

It’s one of eight missing person cases the team is investigating in the state.

“In trying that new target search area, we were able to find two more cars,” Bishop said.

Thanks to their expertise in underwater search and sonar, they found 11 vehicles in less than 48 hours in various bodies of water in central Arkansas.

The information was passed along to local law enforcement. Their work doesn’t stop there.

“We’re going to be staying a few extra days,” Bishop said. “We don’t want to leave a stone unturned.”

Crews were able to pull more license plates Friday, that information is passed along to police to see if they can match any of them with the missing person cases they’re working on.