Virtual court cyberdocket set for Wednesday to hear 500-plus cases; traffic ticket holders need to contact the court prior

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (News release) – Little Rock Traffic Court has more than 500 traffic citations set for arraignment on Wednesday morning, June 3, and is asking the public to help manage the flow of cases by signing up for virtual court.

Because City buildings are still closed to the public, ticket holders are asked to email the court at<> to get on the docket for a remote court session that will begin at 8:30 a.m. and go as long as necessary to handle all cases on the docket. People who cannot email may call 501-371-4733.

Some people will be permitted to “appear” by telephone only. But court officials stress that use of videoconferencing is preferable. The court has been using the Cisco Webex application successfully for remote hearings since mid-March. Some tickets may be handled by emailing the clerk’s office to discuss options.

People with a citation that shows their court date to be June 3 – regardless of the time shown on the ticket – should email the court at<> as soon as possible to get on the docket, said Judge Vic Fleming.

“We want them to contact us early so staff can have their files ready,” Fleming said. “Please don’t come to the building.” People who do show up at the courthouse will be given paperwork explaining how to get on the cyber-docket, either later in the day or later in the month.

Ticket-holders with a mandatory court appearance will visit first with a court-appointed lawyer in an online “holding room” to maintain lawyer-client privilege. People whose appearance is not mandatory will first visit with an assistant city attorney in an online holding room to see if their case may be resolved by a plea agreement.

In most instances, a plea of not guilty may be entered by email or by telephone. Trial date notices can be emailed, as well as sent via traditional mail.

All cases must be presented to the judge for final resolution. Thus, all ticket-holders ultimately are placed into a virtual courtroom after the initial contact with a lawyer. Each case will be called individually.

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