Vilonia holds their first Black Lives Matter protest

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VILONIA, Ark.- Peaceful protests continue around Arkansas as people speak up and take a stand on the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Thursday, Vilonia had their very first protest.

“Obviously all lives matter but at this moment black lives matter so much because they’ve been ignored and they haven’t been heard,” said Ashlyn Maynard, Protesting.

People in attendance said this protest is huge for their small town.

“I’m here today because I’ve grown up in this town and its a town that’s predominately Caucasian and I feel like being out here and raising awareness for this cause is extremely important especially in a town that doesn’t have many people of color,” said Maynard.

Ashlyn Maynard said this protest is going to push people to have those much needed conversations.

“It’s just been more comfortable for people to sit back and not say anything and it’s easier that way. It really is but we have to sit here and have these uncomfortable conversations in order to help people who’s voices are normally ignored,” said Maynard.

Maynard has gone to several protests in nearby towns and so has Abbie Cole who organized this one.

They both said keeping the protests peaceful is a top priority.

“This whole movement is out of love and grace, it’s not solely about violence and I’m wanting Vilonian people to realize that,” said Abbie Cole, Protest Organizer.

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