Video: Teens pepper-sprayed while in line at NLR pharmacy drive-thru

Local News

A group of teens in remain stunned after they say they were pepper-sprayed in the drive-thru line of a North Little Rock pharmacy.

They say it happened outside the Kroger on McCain Boulevard.

Video posted to social media on Tuesday shows a black car jockeying for position in the drive-thru line and revving the engine. Moments later, an arm appears from the black car, and a stream of what the teens say was pepper spray shoots out, hitting the teenage girls in the face.

“It was like a burning sensation. It burned bad,” Khanysha Thompson, a soon-to-be high school senior says.

Thompson was in the driver’s seat when it happened. She posted the video to Facebook. She says the man who sprayed the group drove off after releasing the pepper spray.

In the video, the teens can be seen spilling out of the car putting their hands in their faces and coughing.

“It was in our nose, our mouth,” Thompson says.

The teens called police and say police made contact with the man, but it’s unclear if any further action was taken.

The North Little Rock Police Department confirmed a call about pepper spray but said on Wednesday that the report was not completed yet.

For Thompson and her friends, the incident leaves them angered and in disbelief about the whole thing.

“Over a spot, like that’s crazy,” Thompson says.

“It was very petty, but at the same time, he was wrong.”

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