NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – At O’Hara Automotive in North Little Rock, something always needs to be fixed.

“Just looking for any broken wires, anything pinched,” Paul O’Hara says with a flashlight pointed toward a car’s engine.

“We’re never caught up. We stay busy.”

O’Hara opened up his shop near the Argenta district five years ago.

“It’s just my thing,” O’Hara says.

“It’s just what I love.”

But this weekend, an unexpected visitor threw a wrench in Paul’s plans.

“At first I was furious,” O’Hara says

“I couldn’t believe it.”

Video shows a pickup truck plow right into a fence connected to the shop then drive away, heading toward Broadway.

“It’s definitely not a nice feeling,” O’Hara says.

“Especially when you work hard all day, and now I have to pay for that.”

While the driver didn’t stick around, parts of the truck did.

“The bumper is right there in the trash,” O’Hara says.

“You can see that’s where he hit the building.”

Photos show the shop’s front yard littered with car parts — a sight that’s usually limited to the garage.

Now, Paul just wants whoever did it to come forward so he can put a lid on this case.

Paul describes the suspect truck as a silver or gray Dodge Ram, single-cab pickup truck.

If you can help, call North Little Rock Police.