Veteran’s binder and pictures returned to family after decades

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BRYANT, Ark. – A Bryant woman is connecting with her father from beyond the grave. It’s all thanks to a man she didn’t know but has a long history with her dad.

Susie Reynolds Reece went on a radio show to talk about suicide prevention. Part of that talk includes a story about her dad who she lost to suicide. With just a few minutes left, a man called in saying he knew her father from their time in the service. He also wanted to give her a binder and pictures he held on to for decades.

Reece remembers moments with her dad like opening Christmas presents and hunting down Easter Eggs.

“I would tell people often, he reminded me of superman,” Reece said.

He died when she was just ten years old.

“I was curious to know what kind of a man he was and what kind of a leader he was because I never had that chance,” Reece said.

Now decades later, she’s flipping the page to a new chapter in his life. Her father’s best friend held on to a binder full of his work hoping to eventually find a family member to pass it off to.

“Just seeing handwriting and things like that, is pretty cool. It’s so easy to lose something so that means a lot,” Reece said.

Each page details his life in the service.

“He was First Sergeant of the Caisson which is the ceremonial unit and escort to the president,” Reece said.

From the handwriting to the drawings, Reece is finding she’s more like her dad than she ever knew.

“They are still a part of who we are,” Reece said.

Along with the binder, he made a canvass print of a picture from one of their ceremonies. Reece already has a spot on the wall in mind.

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