NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Vandalism is a problem the Indian Hills Community Club in North Little Rock says is happening repeatedly, putting them financially between a rock and hard place. 

Vice President Brandon Musick says they’ve had at least six vandalisms this year where broken tennis rackets and gate locks were left in its wake.  

On Friday night, Musick says they saw what appeared to be a person on their security camera photos lurking around and stealing some of their items. Furthermore, the next day he says someone broke benches after jumping over their fence by cutting the barbed wire. All of the incidents are adding up costs. 

“When they do break into something then you have to buy a lock or something to replace it, like a door handle that was broken off. Those things aren’t cheap especially when there’s a limited budget,” said Musick. 

Musick says because their budget is tight they are leaning on community donations for help. 

“We are trying to work with the city and the community to get a new fence and also have more of our security cameras and floodlights,” said Musick. 

He also says they gave evidence to the North Little Rock Police; who says they are looking over the reports to see if there is enough to investigate.  

Moving forward, Musick is urging the public to call 911 if they see any vandalism at their community club.