Update: Meeting scheduled between Bauxite mayor and Alcoa Corporation over neighborhood issues

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BAUXITE, Ark.- A meeting has officially been scheduled between the mayor of Bauxite and the Alcoa Corporation. 

On Thursday night, we reported that the mining company owns land surrounding a Saline County neighborhood that is experiencing devastating drainage issues. 

KARK has been told the meeting is set for Thursday. 

The city says it’s unclear what the cause of the water runoff is and if Alcoa property is to blame, but they hope to find a permanent solution to the problem. 

Original Story:

BAUXITE, Ark. — “Any time it rains I’m on pins and needles.”

You would be too — if you experienced the rain-made mess LaQuinta Fleming has cleaned up in her house. 

“It came up through the showers, the tub, the toilet, it flooded our master bathroom, our bedroom, the living room and the kitchen,” Fleming said. 

Runoff from Alcoa Corp owned property flooded her sewage tank and backed up water into her Bauxite home recently. 

“Dirty, stinky water,” she said. 

Her neighbor Amanda Reising has watched their road turn river for several months. 

“Water was just getting higher and higher each time it rained,” Reising said. 

A retaining wall built up on the south end of Wisteria Drive, neighbors say, is more like a set up for a waterfall. 

“It doesn’t actually stop anything,” Fleming said about the 3-foot high cinder blocks behind her house. 

The rain runoff has caused continued damage to the road in the subdivision. 

The city said in order to repair one section of the street, they had to dig down six inches to hit solid ground. 

They have temporary gravel over the road until it’s dry enough for the county to come in and pave. 

It’s one of many problems that have five homes next to each other for sale. 

“Some of these homes have been up for sale for almost a year,” Reising said. 

Over the phone, the City of Bauxite said they are setting up a meeting with Alcoa to figure out the cause of the drainage issues — if the problem even is from Alcoa property —  and to find a solution before these homes lose its value.

“This was the 4th time that it flooded in our home,” Fleming said. 

And homeowners lose their minds. 

“We just want it to be fixed,” Reising said. 

It’s unclear what is behind the retaining wall that seems to be the source of a lot of water. 

We reached out to Alcoa for comment but have not heard back yet. 

The city says they’ve been trying to make repairs as problems come up, but are limited on resources. 

They hope the meeting with Alcoa will help get to the source of the problem, so more permanent repairs can begin. 

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