LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-A months-long ‘Working For You’ investigation finally getting some results tonight.

KARK 4 News first told you about the cold conditions at the Big Country Chateau back in September.

For four long months, renters were living without gas, hot water, and working utilities.

On Thursday, city leaders confirmed the gas is back on.

But our Re’Chelle Turner is finding out people living there are now looking at some different problems.
While the gas is restored some people don’t have hot water or heat and they’re still waiting on the front office to get rid of mold, bed bugs and fix leaky pipes.

“A never-ending battle so far,” Micheal Ford Sr. said.

After 120 days, gas is finally restored to all buildings at The Big Country Chateau Apartments.

“I’m happy that it’s back on because I can cook the way I want to cook,” Nicole Vance said.

A stressful situation renters had to deal with since September.

“It wasn’t easy for me to boil some water on a small hot plate and then walking it to the tub and then I fell and crushed my rib,” Shirley Doby said.

“But now there are other issues coming in, now that our gas is one we haven’t had hot water for two and a half months,” Ford Sr. said.

It’s another never-ending battle.

“Refridgerator is leaking for one. No one has came and did anything about that, the dishwasher is not working, and plus on top of that the mold,” Vance said.

Nicole Vance doesn’t have heat and struggles to keep her daughter warm.

“I turn my oven on and just let the door open and let the heat circulate throughout the apartment, close the bathroom door and have the room door and where we sleep it just open that way the heat can come in,” Nicole said.

Renters say city leaders need to get more involved and help them.

“The gas is not the only issue that was just one of the stepping stones we got a lot of other issues to get to a point to where it needs to be so that tenants can actually live comfortably,” Ford Sr. said.

“People could have gas and still have leaks and its dangerous,” Doby said.

Persistence problems people are tired of.

“We got a long way to go we do, we got a long way to go,” Ford Sr. said.

Renters say they’re also still waiting on compensation from management that was promised to them back in October.

The city says attorney’s representing the complex will be back in court on January 27th and people at the complex are hoping they can speak to the judge.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated.