CONWAY, Ark. – An Arkansas couple has taken the internet by storm after tying the knot in front of thousands at an NBA game on Monday.

Reid and Ellyn Malone are die-hard Dallas Mavericks fans who were gifted the opportunity to get married during halftime of the Mavericks vs. Timberwolves game. 

“Starting at the bride position, please welcome Ellyn Piatt,” the Mavs announcer said as Ellyn nervously walked towards her groom by her father’s side.  

“When Reid was first approached about it, he thought I was going to say no, but I was like no let’s do it,” Ellyn said. 

Reid has bled Mavs blue since he was a kid, long before mixing that love with the University of Central Arkansas purple where he and his wife went to college.

“I never changed out a Mavs flag in my dorm the whole time,” Reid said. 

Ironically, the couple didn’t meet in school, they met at a wedding in 2020. Ellyn was a bridesmaid in her sorority sister’s wedding and Reid was the DJ and they happened to hit it off. 

Come 2021, the couple met on the Maverick’s court to get engaged. In 2023 they met at the same spot to tie the knot in front of over 20,000 fans.

“It gets me emotional now,” Reid admitted. 

After getting engaged in 2021, the Malones had already booked their wedding venue before the Mavs reached out. So, in June they’re have wedding number 2, the traditional way.

The 8-minute halftime wedding has gained attention from the NBA, SportsCenter, Bleacher Report, House of Highlights and even The Late Show with James Corden.

Ellyn said that the 8-minute ceremony flew by and felt like two minutes. 

The wedding also didn’t cost a dime. The Mavs organization took care of everything and even gifted the Malones $7,000 for their honeymoon.

Ellyn said that it was nothing short of perfect.

“Nothing went wrong. Everything went the way we could imagine it going.”

The Malones are now hoping their ring ceremony will rub off on their beloved Mavericks.