LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – For the next five days, high school students will be learning about cardiovascular health while getting hands-on training side by side with doctors and medical students at The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.  

The program is called the SONO camp and it’s all part of a $1.27 million education grant to teach Little Rock School District students about STEM careers. 

Dr. Kevin Phelan who has been working with several of the students says the sooner young people are exposed to stem careers the likelihood they will become more interested. 

“We have a great diverse group of students here and all the medical students all the faculty we have just been amazed by their enthusiasm their engagement how quickly they are learning everything and just how excited they are to be here,” says Dr. Phelan. 

The SONO program runs for one week and students are able to work hands-on with ultrasound devices and other interactive technology provided by the hospital. 

The program will run for the next five years as part of a partnership award from the National Institutes of Health.