LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – There was a whole lot of buzz going on at U-A Little Rock’s campus garden Friday.

Faculty and staff spent Earth Day learning about honeybee casts, life cycles, hives and, of course, how bees make honey.

Peter Stuckey works in the IT department, but eight years ago he bought his first beehive after learning that bee colonies were dying.

So, he picked the hobby up and is now encouraging others to do the same.

“I think probably one of the greatest things you can do is to find a beekeeper, spend some time with them, go in the hives with them, put on a veil and a jacket, get stung once or twice and just check it out,” Stuckey said.

Stuckey recommends for new beekeepers to make sure they aren’t allergic to bee stings in advance and to read books and watch videos on the subject.

Another Introduction to Beekeeping class will be held next month for Donaghey Scholars.