Two Rivers High School dress code controversy leaves student in tears

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OLA, Ark – A teen leaves school in tears after she says she was questioned about what she was wearing to class.  

Shea Ellis posted a photo of her daughter Bailey on Facebook wearing a dress with a jean jacket over it. Ellis says this is what Bailey was wearing last Friday when she was questioned.  

The post has gotten more than 8,000 shares and comments. Shea Ellis says her daughter was questioned because of her body size.  

Bailey recounted the day to our station. She said once she entered the school doors, several teachers questioned her about her appearance, and if the dress was too low for school guidelines.  

Bailey says she was eventually sent to the principal’s office. Before she got there she says she called her mother in tears asking her to come to the school.  

The school district Superintendent Dr. Harry Alvis says Bailey’s outfit was initially in question but “was determined there was no violation and therefore no disciplinary action was taken.”  

Shea Ellis, however, says she is still upset with the events she said leading up to the final decision. Shea said her daughter had been questioned by “multiple” teachers and was embarrassed in front of her friends.  

“It should have been handled then and that’s it. Why did we have to go in front of more people and stand and be viewed?” Ellis said.  

The mother said she believes the school was making a decision based on her daughter’s body size and how she looked in the dress.  

“They get in trouble for their size and its body shaming,” Ellis said.  

Ellis said the events of that day will have a lasting impact on her daughter.  

“She just told me she will never wear a dress in public again,” Ellis said.  

Ellis says she is now planning on reaching out to the school district about a possible uniform policy to ensure other children are not treated the same.  

Our station reached out to the district for further comment on a possible uniform policy and have not heard back.  

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