IZARD COUNTY, Ark.- Two men were killed in a plane crash in Izard County on Monday night.

Izard County officials said 70-year-old David Rottman of Lonoke County and 44-year-old Lucas Parker of Conway were both killed.

The plane was found near franklin, about 75 yards north of California Drive.

“I was devastated,” said Donald Warren, Friends of both victims.

News of the fatal plane crash in Izard County shook a Central Arkansas pastor who knew both victims.

“I knew both of them to be excellent and outstanding men and men of faith,” said Warren.

Donald Warren knew David Rottman for two years and Lucas Parker for more than five years.

“I know that Luke was an extremely safe pilot and I know that Dave was an extremely confident instructor,” said Warren

Warren said Rottman was a flight instructor who owned and operated Arkansas Pilot Development.

He also said Parker was an experienced pilot close to finishing his next level of training.

“I had spoken with Luke Sunday evening and he was telling me about his progress in his instrument training which is the next level after private pilot training and he was making great strides toward completing his instrument rating,” said Warren.

Warren said Rottman was his flight instructor too and they fly together several times a month so he was shocked when he found out about the crash.

“You prepare for loss. Luke was a minister and I’m a pastor as well and we know this is part of the process. There’s also that part of you that never really expects it to be someone so close without any preparation,” said Warren.

Officials are still investigating the cause of the crash.