Twin barbers still in business after 60 years

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BATESVILLE, Ark. — A pair of barbers in Batesville have been working alongside each other for decades, and they don’t plan on retiring anytime soon, but they have a lot more in common than just a job title.

Fairl Anderson started cutting hair years ago in the barracks, alongside his twin brother Hairl.

“We started this in 1960,” Fairl said, “It feels more like home when we are here.”

Their barber shop in Batesville still going strong even after 60 years cutting hair in this same spot.

“What else would I do? Go to the house and watch TV? Soap operas, no. I’d just as soon be up here visiting with my friends,” Hairl said. “This young guy came in here and asked if I’d shave him and I said yeah”

George Bentz has been getting his hair cut here for more than 10 years, but he was brining his dad here for four decades.

“I dont want them to retire. I want them to stay in business as long as possible,” George Bentz, customer said.

Fairl told me they aren’t ready to cut off the business, so instead they shaved down the hours.

For now you can find them right here, 3 days a week, working 11 hours at a time.

“We like it real well. Most everybody wants to retire at about 65 or so and we’re 85 and ain’t ready to quit,” Fairl said.

Anyone can find these twins at Anderson’s Brothers Barber Shop in Batesville, right across from the airport.

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