GREENBRIER, Ark. – The BBQ pit master of the Smokin Bull in Greenbrier has a passion for serving cooking, even in triple-digit weather.

Adam Tackett prepared a roaring fire outside of his food truck 5 times a week to make tender and juicy meats to be served.

This summer has been so hot that Adam Tackett actually closed for a day for safety concerns.

Tackett started this finger-licking business nearly a year ago.

He says “f you don’t love the BBQ game and food game then you probably aren’t going to enjoy it.”

The reason he says this is because a brisket with the perfect bark, or a rib with a clean bite takes a lot of time by the hot pit.

“If you could imagine the entrance to Hell, that’s probably what it would be like,” said Tackett. 

Going from outside to inside, the heat comes from the charcoal grill, warmers, a second smoker and fryers.

“When it gets above 95 degrees, we shut down the fryers because it gets hard to breath when those are on.”

There is only so much the vents, fans and AC inside the Smokin Bull can do but Tackett says he and his workers have accepted it and are just trying to “roll with it.”

 This year’s summer heat led to the first time Tackett didn’t start the fire for safety concerns. 

“When it gets above 102 degrees it’s almost impossible to work. So, we decided to shut down instead of risking anybody getting overheated.”

If the food doesn’t have a spicy kick to it, the preparation has plenty as the pit master bakes in the sun. 

But Tackett says it’s all worth it when each and every happy customer is served

“When I opened this business, this city really rallied around us and supported us, and they’ve done that day in and day out consistently.”

Tackett says the Smokin Bull is open 5 days a week from Tuesday through Saturday, but he works 7 days a week.

He uses those days to prep the food that he makes from scratch and to chop his own wood…Yes, in the heat.