LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Three organizations, The Sisters of Sophistication In., Nu Delta Fraternity Inc., and the Alpha Chi chapter of The Sophisticated Gentlemen Inc., came together to provide kids in Little Rock school supplies.

The organizations gave away pencils, pens, notebooks, backpacks, and refreshments at the Living Room Wellness Center in Little Rock.

All of these things kids could need to get ready for school, but it can be very expensive for families.

So, each organization pitched in provide $400 in school supplies.

“With the pandemic and everything. everything has literally went up, so for us to be able to provide that for those families , it took off a lot from them so they won’t be able to go and try to stress and make sure the kids is okay for the first day of school. so we were very grateful and honored to be able to help them,” stated Sister of Sisters of Sophistication Inc, Stephanie Washington.

The organizations have come together for a couple of years to serve the community.

“We’ve all individually done our own back to school donations and drives, but we decided to come together as one to make a bigger impact,” said brother of Nu Delta Fraternity Inc, Richie White.

They said they served around 30-40 families this year.

“It was overwhelming because last year we had a good turnout, but this year we ran out twice, so it was a really good thing. I was like, go back to Dollar Tree. go back to Dollar Tree to get some more stuff, so it was exciting. It was exciting and I am ready to do it again,” said brother of the Alpha Chi Chapter of Sophisticated Gentlemen Inc, Jeremy Honey.

Each organization fundraised on their own, so when they came together, they had hundreds of dollars for supplies.

“I would say 200-300, and of course like I said, we ran out twice so of course we had to go back, so to sum it up I am going to say about 400,” said Washington.

When asked what the future looks like, they said they plan on coming together more to provide for their communities during Thanksgiving and Christmas.