Three missing kids cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage to warehouse

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RUSSELLVILLE, Ark.- What started as a search for three missing kids in Russellville ended with tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage and potential criminal charges.

Sunday, several agencies were on the lookout for two girls, ages 10 and 11, along with one boy, age 7.

According to the boys mom, they had been missing for more than six hours before being found in a nearby warehouse. 

The owner of the warehouse said it was completely trashed.

“When we walked in it was just a moment of oh my gosh,” said Roy McSpadden, Owner of Burris Vending, “It’s hard to fathom that three kids could do that.”

McSpadden said it’s more than 25,000 dollars worth of damage.

“They couldnt have been in here just a little while, it took hours for them to do what they did,” said McSpadden.

McSpadden said the kids found his ipad and recorded the distraction for more than an hour.

“What they did was unacceptable, I dont take that from them at all,” said Dorothy Finch, Mother of 7-year-old.

Dorothy Finch is the mother of Trey, the 7-year-old boy who was in the warehouse.

Finch said even now, they don’t have all the answers as to what happened. 

“Why did you guys destroy it? If you knew it was a place where you could go and eat. Why didnt you guys just come home?” Said Finch.

McSpadden said he has grandkids around the same age, which is only making it hard to process what happened.

“It was hard to imagine my grandkids doing that and being in that situation,” said McSpadden.

The owner says anything that was tainted, touched the floor or potentially damaged in anyway was thrown away. In an effort to ensure the company is only putting out the best products. 

Russellville police are still investigating.

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