LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It seems during these uncertain times it doesn’t matter where you look because what you will find people lending a hand to their fellow man.

That isn’t further from the truth for Cathead’s Diner in Little Rock.

On Thursday, the restaurant located in Little Rock’s East Village made more than 300 boxed lunches as a way to celebrate and show their appreciation for CARTI Cancer Center employees.

As millions of people stay at home to minimize the transmission of severe COVID-19, health-care workers globally are putting themselves at risk as they care for their patients.

Jeremy Land, senior vice president of Radiation Oncology and Imaging at CARTI, says it was a big surprise that helped nourish the health care staff’s body and soul.

“Wonderful token of appreciation that everybody was able to enjoy and huge morale boost,” he says.

The staff was treated to the restaurant’s signature southern comfort food made by Chef Donnie Ferneau and a chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

“Everybody who has been on the frontlines as we’ve been taking care of patients here at CARTI all day long,” explains Land.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, CARTI employees have been working 24/7 to ensure all patients and staff do not become infected.

To learn more about how CARTI is helping to save lives, click here.