Thousands of pumpkins stolen from family-owned patch

Local News

HERMITAGE, Ark. – In the small town of Hermitage, one family farm is facing a huge loss.

The Hamilton Farm was growing eight acres of pumpkins for fall. Overnight the pumpkins were stolen.

“If you look out through there, ain’t nothing there. They didn’t even leave a little bitty pumpkin,” said Donald Hamilton, Farm Owner.

Instead of having rows and rows of families coming to pick pumpkins to carve, Hamilton has a field of pumpkinless vines.

Hamilton says his crew came out to pick pumpkins, but called and told him their field had already been picked dry.

“I came over here the next morning. Looked it over and sure enough, half the field is gone,” said Hamilton.

“All their pumpkins in their pumpkin patch had been stolen,” said Glenda Hoyle, Neighbor of Hamilton Farm.

Glenda Hoyle lives right down the road from the pumpkin patch and her son lives right next door to the patch.

The day before the large theft happened, Hoyle and her family went to pick some pumpkins and even took a picture of the full patch (below.)

A couple of days later, Hamilton’s son, Steele, posted this on Facebook:

Saying four acres of pumpkin vanished when the sun came up.

“I think it’s crazy because that’s a hard place to find, Someone would have to know the pumpkins were in there,” said Hoyle.

This pumpkin patch is pretty hidden. It sits about 300 yards from the main road, surrounded on all sides by woods, private property and fencing.

“They would have to know it was here,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton said if he finds who stole the pumpkins, he will press charges.

“The first thing I would do if I could figure out how to do it is get one and DNA it. They tell me the DNA will come right back to these plants,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton estimated about 2,000 pumpkins had been stolen. The family had planned on selling each pumpkin for four dollars.

So the family farm is taking a huge hit right before the holiday.

“Ain’t no fun thing, but we are used to losing sometimes and there’s nothing you can do about it. Just an absolute total loss,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton said its too late in the season to replant since each pumpkin takes about 120 days to be full grown. So they have to take the loss and start preparing for next year, which will include a lot more security.

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