Third day of protests begins at Little Rock’s City Hall

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A second night of protests in Little Rock Sunday night ended in tear gas and some destruction.

On day three of protesting, people who are taking part want you to look past the broken glass to hear what they’re saying.

“It starts off very, very peaceful and when the lights go down, people start getting a little handsy and crazy,” says Marcus Hunter, one of the organizers of the protest. “That’s when the people who want to fight in a different way, that’s when they come out.”

That’s what happened Saturday and Sunday nights into the early hours of Monday morning.

As the sun rises, a picture of vandalism.

The Democratic Party Headquarters had windows shattered and a brick beside the glass.

The Arkansas Pharmacy Association Building also had windows broken. Rocks laid around the shards.

“It’s rouges that are out there,” Blake Farris, who is protesting, says. “It’s almost always happening way after the protests.”

Near the steps of the State Capitol, the streak of black left from the fire protestors started during a live shot.

“Black Lives Matter” is spray painted on a white stop line.

“We’re all sitting very peacefully,” says Reilly Mullaney, a protester.

That’s what they all say is frustrating.

Those rogues are changing the narrative of their peaceful protest.

“Don’t hold that against us peacefully protesting all day everyday,” says Natalie James, a protester. “And we’re going to continue to do that until we’re heard.”

They are frustrated with police response.

“They’re responding to protests about police brutality with police brutality,” Farris says.

Their frustration is not with Little Rock Police, they say.

They met with officers Sunday at the 12th Street Station. They say protesters talked with officers, hugged and even cried with them.

Farris says things took a turn Sunday night.

“We thought we did everything right,” says Farris. “We were doing everything we could to protest the right way. Then the state police and National Guard came in full force and did not stop shooting tear gas until every protester was off the grounds.”

Farris says he’s been hit with tear gas the last two nights. He says they understand police response Saturday, when the highway was blocked, but Sunday night was different.

“The mayor and chief of police are talking so much about peace and supporting peaceful protest,” Farris says. “Yet when we’re out there peaceful protesting, it seems like we don’t have anyone to protect us. And if the police aren’t there to protect us, then you start to question what are they there for?”

Hunter says LRPD Chief Keith Humphrey did speak with protesters on Monday. According to Hunter, they asked Humphrey why the peaceful protesters were not protected. Humphrey said they were learning and would work on it, according to Hunter.

Hunter had one piece of advice for protesters.

“Be peaceful, be peaceful, be peaceful,” says Hunter.

Hunter says his message is, “I just want everybody to see people equally.”

Original Story:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Protesters are sitting on the steps at Little Rock City Hall Monday morning.

Protesters in Arkansas and across the country are demanding justice for the death of George Floyd, who died while in the custody of Minneapolis Police on May 25.

Some of the protesters say they were at the protest Sunday night in Conway.

Many of the protesters at City Hall say they’ve been tear-gassed over the last few days while peacefully protesting.

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