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Think About It: In a time when numbers rule our thoughts; what number is the most important in our lives?

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Have you ever been inundated with more numbers coming at you from different directions than you have this past year?

Poll numbers..who’s up, who’s down? Who’s a president-elect? Who isn’t? What’s been counted? What hasn’t?

Covid numbers hitting you daily…total cases, hospitalizations, deaths…

Unemployment numbers down, then up! Covid relief amounts and dates…demographics.

Percentages of people allowed here, in there or outside.

How many are in school, out of school, in virtual school.

How many vaccines are in the works? The weeks, months, till so many people can get long it takes to work.

How many days till Christmas..????

Before all those numbers are figured out or no longer are a concern, we will have thanksgiving.

1 day, out of 1 week, out of 1 month, out of 1 year of your do one thing. Take a break..give thanks to the ones around you.

Turn off everything you have no immediate control of…because, you don’t have control of it.

Right this moment, there is an infinite number of choices on what you can do with the next day..hour..minute, or few seconds of your life…chances are good you’re thinking about a number of things and people right now…except 1…you.

You will always take care of, and worry about any number of people close to you..and what others think of you, but don’t let that 1… fall of the radar.

Especially during the number of things going on this year and this time of hear.

There is, and always will be one thing you have immediate control thing…you!

And it’s important to take a moment, if not more, to check up. Do a little inventory.

You, know you best, and I can guess you often fill your hands with so much stuff and try to control all of it, with all your strength, you start losing grip.

It starts falling all over, no matter how tight you hold on, like trying to squeeze a hand full of sand..the tighter you squeeze the more you lose..the less you control.

Some might say ‘well, it sounds like a bunch of selfish jargon to me..’ not if taking a little self-inventory will keep you healthy and able to help others around you do the same.

There are a lot of people running along the razor’s edge these days trying to help all of us during these times.

To them, we owe thanks and also to realize if we take care of ourselves and those around us, we can lessen the burden on them..take out of that what you’d like.

But the stronger our house, the stronger our neighbors, the stronger the neighborhood, town, city, etc.

The numbers you can effect by taking care of number one is infinite…think of how much control you really have.

Take a moment..enjoy number one, and enjoy the people that are number one in your life..happy thanksgiving.


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