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Thieves Steal Thousands of Dollars Worth of Tools from Construction Site

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-  Thieves hit a construction site stealing thousands of dollars worth of tools.  The company says it's not the first time they've dealt with something like this. 

Jason Gillespie is an employee of Chuck Hamilton Construction.  He was the first one to the job site on Harrison, Friday and discovered the theft.  

"I walked inside and pretty much everything was missing," says Gillespie. "All the tools were gone."

More than $4000 worth of tools were taken.  What's worse, Jason says this isn't the first time this has happened.

"Right down the street about three years ago we had another experience just like this and lost pretty much every tool off the job," says Gillespie. 

He says every time it happens it's a big setback for the company.   "It feels terrible," says Gillespie.  "You feel like you've been taken advantage of and it's just a big loss."

Gillespie says it's not practical to bring the tools back and forth to the job sites each day, but the company is definitely making some changes like steel lock boxes and security cameras. 

In the meantime he says they can't be too cautious.

"We just look for any kind of suspicious activity whatsoever."  

Little Rock Police dusted for fingerprints, but so far no arrests have been made. 

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