Thieves Steal From Volunteer Fire Department in Saline County

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SALINE COUNTY, Ark.-Thieves pried their way into a volunteer fire department and stole thounsand of dollars worth of equipment.

It happened at the Salam Fire Department in Saline County.

Assistant chief Mike Moravec just couldn’t understand why someone would take from the department.

Moravec said the items stolen puts them behind, but it doesn’t stop them from helping people in the community.

“A neighbor made contact with one of our officers and let them know one of the over head doors was partially open,” Moravec said.

It happened between 6p.m. Friday night and 9a.m. Saturday morning.

“It’s irritating this is essentially an assault on the community,” Moravec said.

The thieves pried through a back wall at the department and stole several items at the station.

“They haven’t really hurt the individuals of the department but they have done something to the community though.”

Moravec said the theives stole $20,000 dollars worth of equipment.

“You feel violated and angry,” Jill Moravec said.

They took a generator, air compressor, ventilation fan, and hydraulic pump for their jaws of life extrication equipment.

“Who’s to say that the people who stole this tonight are going to have to call 911 and we be the ones to respond to them and don’t have the stuff to help them,” Moravec said.

They even took the DVR from the security system.

“They know what they have done is wrong,” Moravec said.

Moravec said the criminal act doesn’t stop them from responding to calls.

“It’s not going to effect the response times, however it’s going to slow us down some as far as the number of trucks we can our on scene,” Moravec said.

Morvec said they have five more engines at four different stations. They have notified pawn shops and other departments in the area.

If you saw anything or know where the equipment may be, call the Saline County Sheriff’s Office.

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