LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Powerball jackpot is currently sitting at $421 million, and if the lucky winner was to come from Arkansas, there are a lot of fun and useful things that could be purchased with the winnings.

Though the estimated jackpot is $421 million, if you were to choose to take the whole thing as a lump sum payment, you would receive $252.1 million. After taxes, of course, that $252.1 million comes down to a still potentially life-changing amount of $171,428,000.

With $171 million and change now in your bank account, there are a plethora of ways to spend that money throughout the Natural State.

For instance, if you wanted a nice steak dinner, you could visit Doe’s Eat Place in Little Rock. While there, you could purchase an 8 oz filet mignon, a sweet tea and a slice of pecan pie with ice cream for every single Arkansan and still have enough to leave a tip of nearly $30 million.

Maybe pizza is your thing, if so, you could purchase over 9 million large 16‘’ pepperoni pizzas from Vino’s Brew Pub, or you could buy three large Vino’s pizzas for every single person in the state and still have money left over.

If you’re a beer lover, you could buy over 8 million 64 oz growlers of Trash Panda IPA from Lost Forty Brewing, which currently run $21 apiece.

With $171 million at your disposal and plans to purchase some real estate, you could buy the 30 most expensive homes and properties listed in Arkansas on Zillow and have money left over to buy furnishings.

If you just wanted to support Arkansas businesses by buying their products in mega bulk, there are quite a few options as well.

Quilted Northern toilet paper is a major product produced in Arkansas at the Georgia Pacific plant in Crossett. If you wanted to, you could buy over 8 million packages of 24 mega roll 3-ply toilet paper from Walmart.

Another major manufacturer located in Arkansas is Little Debbie, who has a factory in Gentry that produces the delicious snack cakes. With your lottery winnings, you could buy over 66 million boxes of Little Debbie’s Oatmeal Crème Pies.

Yarnell’s ice cream is another sweet treat that is made in the Natural State in Searcy. With your new lottery winnings, you could buy over 34 million boxes of Yarnell’s ice cream sandwiches, but you would also need to invest in a giant freezer to keep them cold.

If you wanted to go big with your winnings, you could also theoretically purchase the Arkansas Travelers baseball team. On average, a minor league sports franchise can be bought for between $20 and $30 million, which means if you bought the Travelers you would also have enough money left over to pay for players and staff for at least one season.

While there is a lot of wacky stuff you can do with your Powerball winnings, even more important is what the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery does with the money raise from Powerball.

Since 2009, the lottery has raised more than $1.1 billion in proceeds for scholarships to Arkansans. Over 675,000 college scholarships have been awarded to Arkansans by the ASL. The lottery has also awarded over $4 billion in prizes to players, $344 million in retailer commissions and more than $153 million in state and federal tax revenue.

The drawing for the Powerball jackpot is scheduled for 9:59 p.m. Monday, with ticket sales cutting off at 8:59 p.m.