CABOT, Ark. – High winds took down an American Flag at a Cabot church, but what a police officer and passerby did next is nothing short of patriotism.

The flag came off the pole overnight Sunday and fell onto the parking lot at Renew Community Church in Cabot.

Cabot Police Officer Austin Conrade noticed it, and responded the best way he knew how.

“I was particularly moved when I saw Officer Conrade drop to one knee to release the flag from the remaining clip,” said Pastor Spencer Dunlap. “Although it may have just been easier for him to kneel in that moment, seeing him kneel, on the wet pavement, in honor of the flag, was amazing.”

Officer Conrade was recorded on the church’s surveillance camera laying the large flag over the hood of his patrol vehicle.

“A passerby saw what was happening and decided to stop and help. I love the reverence and purposefulness of their actions,” said Pastor Dunlap.

Another person stopped to help Officer Conrade fold the flag.

“When I saw the citizen show up to help Officer Conrade, I just smiled,” said Pastor Dunlap. “That’s how you respect the police, that’s how you respect America, and that’s what it means to be a part of the community.”

The officer dropped the folded flag off at the church Monday morning where Pastor Dunlap said it will be retired appropriately.

“They didn’t do it for ‘Renew’, per say; however, they served us by accomplishing something that we obviously needed to have done, but didn’t know we needed help at that time. Serving and loving until people ask us why is a huge part of our DNA at Renew. It was beautiful to have someone do that for us,” said Pastor Dunlap.