LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Governor Asa Hutchinson is set to host a special session tomorrow regarding the surplus in Arkansas.

Teachers from all across the state gathered in front of the Capitol Sunday afternoon to demand some of that money goes towards teacher pay.

Capitol Ave. was packed full of people, food trucks, and even a marching band for a rally to celebrate teachers, and advocate for a pay raise.

“We are asking the legislature to put teacher raises on the special session agenda,” said teacher and Director for AR Strong, Gwen Faulkenberry.

As well as kids education being a priority in state.

“That’s the future of our state. Education is really what everything else flows from,” said Faulkenberry.

One third grade teacher in attendance said the raise needs to happen for Arkansas to keep qualified teachers.

“Whenever I see new educators come in and only stay within the field for three years so that they can leave for a better paying position somewhere else in another field, or to another state to receive more, it really saddens me for the state of our children in the state,” said teacher, Erika Askeland.

Earlier this week, the Raise Act was proposed to raise the minimum teacher salary, “to $42,000 a year and it also give a $4000 raise to all teachers, so that would be a very good start,” said candidate for Senate and college educator, Chenoa Summers

Gwen Faulkenberry said she is proud to be a part of Sunday’s events.

“It’s one of those times that makes you feel good to be an American and an Arkansan, you know like this is how we are supposed to do it,” said Faulkenberry.

All three women agreed that voting is where it all begins.

“If the current body will not support their teachers, we can vote them out and get people in there who will,” said Faulkenberry.

The three teachers said they don’t know if their actions will bring change in agenda for tomorrow, but regardless, their actions won’t stop here.