Sweet and Sour Paranormal group investigates paranormal places in Arkansas

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Do you believe in ghosts, the things that go bump in the night? A group right here in Arkansas is setting out to prove the paranormal world does in fact exist, and those spirits could be living closer than you think. 

On an eerie, rainy night mixed between the traffic lights and the few cars passing through sits Four Quarter Bar that’s believed to have a few patrons who live beyond the natural world. To investigate, the owners called in Arkansas version of Ghost Busters, Sweet N Sour Paranormal.

“Oh I can feel it, sense it, see it. They communicate with me,” Clairvoyant and founding member Michelle Martindill said.

Martindill has always had a sense for the supernatural.

“When I would say ‘someone just talked to me or that just moved’ they’d be like ‘you’re crazy’ so I was like I’m going to prove to you I’m not crazy. I’m going to prove to you this is real,” Martindill said.

Then enters Blake Woodson. He’s the kind of ghost hunter that needs the proof.

“He was a skeptic, I was a believer which makes it fun,” Martindill said.

“I go into every investigation as a skeptic,” Woodson said.

Together they created Sweet N Sour Paranormal. As they’ve gotten more involved in the mystic world, they decided to add a few others to the group like Samantha Womack, Chris Counts and Jarrett Dulaney.

There are several different tools they use to attract and detect spirits. 

“The thing I like using the most is a spirit box. It goes through radio frequencies backwards and real fast so it gives a white noise and the ghosts or spirits can communicate through that white noise and then just a regular audio recorder. People go out and buy boats and stuff and we go out and buy ghost equipment,” Woodson said.

One of thier favorites is a music box shaped like a coffin.

“If anything senses right here, it’s going to light up and play music,” Martindill said.

Just as they were setting up for this investigation, Martindill had a familiar feeling their group was not alone.

“There is an energy upstairs and there is an energy that is very curious about what we’re doing,” Martindill said.

At first it seemed as if the spirits were toying with their hunters but then things took a dark turn. 

“They seem aggressive,” Martindill said.

After three hours, the investigation was complete, but just before the last bond between this world and the next was powered off the souls believed to be locked in the bar had one final message making the spirit box say “it’s enough.”

Sweet N Sour Paranormal travels across the state to investigate different locations. Their next stop is a cemetery in Lonoke County.

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