Super Worm Moon Visible in the Sky Monday Night

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – There will be a sight to see in the sky tonight as the second of four super moons this year appears.

Monday night’s full moon is called a super moon due to its brightness and bigger appearance. In actuality, the size of the moon hasn’t changed. The moon will appear bigger and brighter because it is at its perigee – the point in a moon’s monthly elliptical orbit that brings it closest to the Earth.

This month’s supermoon is also called the “Super Worm Moon,” a name given by Native American Tribes when the soil would soften and earthworms become more present.

The best times to see the ‘Super Worm Moon’ are at moonrise and moonset Monday evening and Tuesday morning. Both will be very close to sunrise and sunset times.

Moonrise – 7:23 p.m CDT Monday
Moonset – 8:19 a.m CDT Tuesday

If you’re unable to view the super moon on March 9, mark your calendars to see the two other super moons this year on April 8 and May 7. The first super moon of the year occurred on February 9.

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