Stuttgart mosquito control working to keep mosquitos at bay

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STUTTGART, Ark. – It’s been quite the year for rain in the Natural State, but with the water comes those pesky little mosquitos.

In Stuttgart, the city is working to keep the bugs at bay.

Stuttgart Mosquito Control Director Daniel Massingale said it’s a problem that’s only gotten worse.

“Probably the worst in the state,” Massingale said.

He’s been running the department for almost 20 years and said the mosquitos can be tracked down to the city’s biggest moneymaker.

“We’re literally surrounded on every corner by rice fields and there is so much water that stands in these rice fields they have a consistent breeding site,” Massingale said.

To stop the breeding, they come out to areas with standing water. Karen Carnahan lives right next to a field that is a hot spot for the bloodsuckers.

“It’s horrible. With all the rain and stuff that we’ve had they’re pretty unbearable,” Carnahan said.

She’s not the only one that’s covered in bites. Her horses are constantly bombarded by the insect too.

“They can’t stand mosquitos all over them. We put fly masks over them so they don’t get around their eyes,” Carnahan said.

First, the city treats the water. Then they test it to make sure it’s working. From there they spray the rest of the neighborhood to kill what is already buzzing around.

“Anything that they spray helps,” Carnahan said.

Then, it’s off to the next spot until the entire city is covered.

“We do these treatments to make it safer not only for the people that live here but my family lives here,” Massingale said.

The city sprays every day and they will also do house calls for free. They even fly planes with repellent three times a week.

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